Michael Burry Net Worth 2024, Life, Education, And Career

Michael Burry Net Worth 2024
Michael Burry Net Worth 2024

welcome to another interesting post regarding Michael Burry Net Worth, Michael Burry was born on June 19, 1971, Michael Burry is an American investor and founder of hedge fund Scion Capital. He founded hedge funds in 2000 and ran them for 8 years till 2008. Then he shifted all his focus on his personal investment plans. He was the first person to predict the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-2010 and earned millions during this time. 

Micheal James Burry was born in San Jose, California in Rusyan ancestory. He met his first misfortune at the age of two when he lost his eye due to retinoblastoma. It was rare cancer type and Burry suffered this rare bad fortune in his childhood. He got prosthetic eye since then and then continued his career with that light. 

Micheal Burry’s net worth is about $300 million. Christian Bale credited on of his movies, named “The Big Short”, to Burry and played all that he suffered through. Micheal Burry had a passion for finance since his childhood, that’s why he used to spend hours on it despite working as pathologist. 

He couldn’t continue his career as a doctor and soon left it and shifted his complete focus towards financial investment. Soon he became a successful investor and started working to found his hedge funds. In 2000, he succeeded in creating the hedge funds and managed these funds till 2008. After this, he started to focus deeply on his personal investments and other plans. 

He used to invest in different stocks and continued earning a handsome ROI on his every investment. Luckily, he always picked the right stock that helped him earn a huge profit. His success as an investor attracted many renowned industries and individual investors of the time. Some of the most prominent names under this umbrella are Vanguard, and White Mountain Insurance Group. 

Being an amateur stock investor, it’s good to analyze the life and career of renowned hedge fund manager, Burry. Here is a detailed note on his life, education, and professional career! 

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Micheal Burry Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Burry us about $300 million. He reached this figure through different channels. The most prominent assets of Burry were the hedge funds Scion Capital and profits from the subprime mortgage market crisis. Additionally, he has reopened his hedge funds and has put options on different stocks.

James Micheal Burry Early Life

James Micheal Burry was born in San Jose, California on June 19, 1971. He started his educational career from Santa Teresa High School. He suffered a lot due to Retinoblastoma, which is a severe and rapidly growing eye cancer. Though the case was rare, this eye cancer completely changed his life at that age. But Burry didn’t lose hope and he got prosthetic eye in his childhood that provided him the light for rest of life. 

Micheal Burry Education

As discussed above, Micheal Burry attended Santa Teresa High School in his childhood. Then he moved to different universities for higher education. Though he studied medical, he had a keen interest for finance and investments. 

University of California: 

Micheal Burry joined the university of California, Los Angeles, after his early education. He studied Pre-medical and Economics there. 

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine: 

After his higher studies in medical and economics, Burry joined Vanderbilt university school of medicine. He got MD degree from this university. 

Stanford University Medical Center: 

Though his career as pathologist and neurologist didn’t complete, Burry joined Stanford University Medical Center as a pathologist. But he finished this job at early stage due to his profoundness for finance. Then he worked as for his dream hobby even in off time. 

Medical Board of California:

James Micheal Burry didn’t pursue his career as a physician but he kept his legal license active in Medical Board of California. 

Michael Burry Net Worth 2024

Burry’s Professional Career 

The real career of Burry started after he left his job as pathology resident at Stanford Hospital. In 2000, he started working on his hedge funds and launched them in the same year. Burry had a successful career as an investor during his last years. 

Fame as Successful Stock Picker

He gained popularity due to his success in message boards at Silicon Investor in 1996. Additionally, his luck supported him to pick up the right stock each time. His success as stock picker during these years attracted different giant companies and investors of the time. One of the prominent investors who got inspiration from him was Joel Greenblatt. 

Along with Joel, some companies also approached Burry. Some of these companies include Vanguard and White Mountain Insurance Group. His success as a stock picker was due to his keen understanding of the traditional understanding of stock value. He got inspiration from Benjamin Graham and David Dodds. 

Burry’s Hedge Funds

Burry started his hedge funds Scion Capital in November 2000 after closing his websites. He funded this fund through his inheritance and family loans. The name of this fund came from his favourite novel “The Scions of Shannara” by Terry Brooks. 

His hedge funds gained massive success through all 7 years of operation (200-2007). It competed the top 500 funds of the listed on the stock exchange, especially, the Standard and Poor 500 (S&P 500). Here is statistical date and performance of both these funds through their initial journey; 

YearS&P 500Hedge Funds 
2001Fell by 11.88%Up by 55%
2002Fell by 22.1%Up by 16%
2003Up by 28.69%50% Up
Micheal Burry Net Worth 2024

Liquidation of Hedge Funds (2008)

Hedge funds Scion Capital continued this growth and Burry’s investment plus return reached about $600 billion by the end of 2004. In 2005, Burry shifted his focus to subprime mortgage market of that time. He forecasted that the subprime market will collapse in 2007, and it really happened that year. 

His prediction helped him earn about $100 million for himself and $700 million for his investors during the subprime market collapse. With Burry’s efforts, Hedge fund gained massive growth of 489.34% during its journey from 2000-2008. After his success in 2007-8, he liquidated his funds and company to focus on his personal investment goals. 

Reopening of Burry’s Hedge Funds

Burry focused on his financial career during the years 2008-13. Then he reopened his hedge funds in 2013 under a new name “Scion Asset Management” in the state of California. This time he registered his company as an Exempt Reporting Advisor (ERA) in SEC. His target stocks were water, farmland, and gold. 

In the years 2015-16, the Scion fundings were among the top $100 million. Analysis of 2019 shows that the Scion management hold many large caps under it with a value of  $103,528,000. In the year 2020, the largest investment of the funds were by Alphabet Inc. ($121 million) and Facebook ($24.4 million). 

According to the latest news, Burry’s Scion Asset Management has made a bet of $1.6 billion on the US stock market crash. Additionally, Burry has also put options on S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100. The whole bet options are 93% of the total value of the SAM. 

FAQs: Michael Burry Net Worth 2024

What did Michael Burry study?

Micheal Burry studied medical and finance from University of California. Then he earned MD degree from Vanderbilt university school of medicine. But he didn’t continued his career as a physician and shifted towards finance. 

Is Michael Burry a successful investor?

Yes, Burry is considered a successful and visionary investor in the stock exchange market. He was well known for his right stock picking. Additionally, his reputation touched the sky when he forecasted the crisis of subprime mortgage market.

How did Michael Burry learn to invest?

Burry understood the primitive values of investment deeply that made him a successful investor. Moreover, he got inspiration from Benjamin Graham and David Dodds, the successful investors of their times. 


Micheal Burry net worth is $300 till the datem. He had been a successful stock picker in the past along with successful forecaster. His hedge funds gained massive popularity during the years of operation. This fund competed the S&P 500 funds well throgh the eight years (2001-2008). Then he closed his fund and his focus shifted towards the personal investment goals. Now, he is running Scion Asset Management in the state of California. 

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